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TikTok has become a new space for creative people to flourish, sharing their work and — if things work out — sometimes finding recognition and fame through the site.

So, popular music often starts with TikTok. Even if it wasn’t created by a frequent TikToker — like Jax’s “Victoria’s Secret” — the site is increasingly becoming a testing ground for new hits. Even old songs are making a comeback after a detour via TikTok, which — combined with the current pop culture resurgence — has breathed new life into releases like “Running Up That Hill (A Deal with God),” “Dreams” and ” Potential Breakup Song” by the early 2020s.

New music can also find a foothold on the app, as can slightly older—but not decade-old—favorites. When a new track appears on the app, it’s usually buried in hundreds of thousands of individual videos, ensuring that most viewers will eventually stumble upon it. Unfortunately, it’s not always clear what the song is that accompanies the video, leading some users to search the Internet to no avail. We have the answers for those curious web users looking for information about one of the latest TikTok apps that has one line that keeps repeating itself in our heads.

What is the trending song on TikTok “did you pray today”?

The same line continues to appear in TikTok videos as an aggressive base and a single voice demand to know, “did you pray today?”

A line from Young Thug’s 2016 track “Gangster Sh*t”. The trend is based on a few lines from the song’s earliest moments, in which the rapper simply repeats “you prayed today” and variations of “I could put you on some gang shit” multiple times. The rest of the song is largely absent from the TikTok video, and the version that’s used the most appears to be garbled. Videos that participate in this trend usually sound like they’ve punched the speaker, and Young Thug’s original is much less punchy.

What is the “did you pray today” trend?

The videos that participate in the “have you prayed today” TikTok trend are quite diverse, but many rely on the same components. To be fair, it’s not so much a trend as an overused song, which is largely to blame for the diversity of the tag page. However, quite a few people enjoy the audio clip in the same context: with hands clasped as if in prayer and dancing to the beat, or responding to a caption about various scenarios – such as checking your bank account – that might require a quick prayer.

This trend is accompanied by quite a few animal videos, as the most popular section of the respective hashtag is dominated by cats, in particular, which appear to be engaged in prayer.

There’s also a subsection of the trend that seems to be using the song as a compliment of sorts. The videos that follow this translation of the trend mostly feature particularly attractive or attractive women and seem to rely on the “prayer” part of the song in a much more austere context. The implication is that viewers will need a prayer or two to cleanse their dirty souls after watching these women.

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