Plastic pollution of the oceans is becoming an increasingly pressing issue. A few people are not only protesting against it, but are also taking action to clean up the oceans. Recently, to raise awareness about keeping beaches clean and reducing plastic pollution, officials in Chennai created an art installation made of plastic from the ocean. The installation is installed on the Besant Nagar beach and resembles a fish.

Ocean plastic art installation in Chennai. (Twitter/@supriyasahuias)

“We put up this installation made of plastic waste recovered from the ocean at Besant Nagar Beach in Chennai to celebrate the Mega Beach Clean-up organized today. It not only reflects the sad reality of the pollution of our oceans, but is also alarming. of a serious threat to marine biodiversity,” IAS officer Supriya Sahu tweeted. She also shared a video of the installation.

Watch the video here:

This post was opened just two days ago. It has been liked about 1,000 times since it was shared. Many also shared comments on the post.

Check out some of the reactions below:

A person wrote: “Great. More awareness and action is needed to stop plastic dumping in our seas and oceans. Much more action is needed to stop the pollution of our rivers as this plastic floats downstream only to suffocate freshwater, coastal and sea ​​fish, birds, turtles and much more.” Another added: “Good initiative. Please also avoid keeping food and other stalls on the beach. They are the main cause of pollution. I recently went to my favorite marina and felt bad to see this.” “It’s high time to realize your callousness and start living consciously. We need to keep our surroundings and oceans clean. We don’t need to turn them into a garbage dump,” opined a third.


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