“Hi, I’m Seema Taparia from Mumbai” is a line many of us have heard from the popular Netflix show Indian Matchmaking. Whether you have seen this reality series or not, Seema Taparia has definitely become a household name. While some may agree with her views, others have also expressed that her views are controversial. Although you may not have met her face to face, have you ever wondered what that experience would be like? Well, if you also want to “chat” with Aunt Seema, here’s your chance.

Someone made a shabo of Seem Taparia.

Someone has created a Sima Taparia chatbot that allows you to “consult” her. However, what is special about this chatbot is that it only gives you five minutes of free consultation. After the time is up, you have to register on another site to talk to her further. This chatbot appears to be a fake version of Sima Taparia.

Screenshot of Sima Taparia chatbot. (https://meebo.ai/simataparia)

A Redditor recently shared his conversation with a chatbot, Sima Taparia, and it left many divided. In the screenshot, you can see how a “matchmaker” tells a person about a marriage compromise. “Chatbot thoughts Sima Aunty,” a Reddit user wrote in the post.

Take a look at the post here:

This post was published a week ago. It has received several likes and comments since it was shared.

Check out some of the reactions below:

Someone wrote: “Lmao I need to try this lol. It sounds funny.” Another shared: “Lol I read every comment in her voice.” “She told me, ‘Don’t compromise. Don’t be flexible. You will get married soon.” I guess Aunt Sima didn’t watch her own show,” wrote a third.


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