British dentist Dr Osama Ahmed’s touching gesture has won hearts online. What is this you may ask? Well, he took his grandmother on a trip to Paris. Now, several videos capturing their happy moments in the city of love have quickly gone viral, spreading happiness all over the internet.

An elderly woman spends time in Paris with her grandchildren. (Instagram/@drusamayt)

The beautiful journey began when her grandson Hamza Ahmed asked if she wanted to go to Paris. Hesitant at first, she asked what they would do in a foreign country where they knew no one. However, in the end she agreed to the adventure.

In a video that has gone viral, Dr. Osama Ahmed, a dentist, shares his impressions of his grandmother’s time in Paris. The video begins with text that reads, “POV makes our grandma a better life,” as an elderly woman watches from a hotel window. As the video progresses, she can be seen enjoying shopping, exploring the city and striking amazing poses for the camera with her grandchildren. Dr. Osama Ahmed shared a touching video on Instagram with the caption: “Journey to Paris 2023. Where do we go next?”

Watch the video right here:

Since it was shared on May 14th, the video has received over three million views and counting. The share also prompted many to leave their thoughts in the comments section.

Here’s how people reacted to the viral video:

“You are lucky that you and your grandmother at least made your dreams come true. My grandfather died before I could become something to do something like that for him. I really appreciate people like you,” the person wrote. Another added: “I’m doing this for my grandma.” “She makes me miss Nani Joan so much. Take care of her and make the most of every moment she’s with you,” commented a fourth. A fifth remarked, “That’s so cute.” “The cutest thing I’ve seen today! Say hello to grandma,’ a sixth joined in. Many in the comments shared that they should plan their next trip to India.


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