A’s broadcaster Glenn Kuiper fired after racial slur on air

OAKLAND, Calif. (AP) — Oakland Athletics broadcaster Glen Kuiper has been fired by NBC Sports California after using a racial slur during a telecast while describing a trip to the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum. Earlier this month, Kuiper was suspended from the network for his profanity that was heard on air during the pregame segment of the A’s game against the Kansas City Royals on May 5. Kuiper talked about a trip to the museum with co-star Dallas Braden, but appeared to mispronounce the word “nigger,” making it sound like a swear word. NBC Sports California is reporting after an internal review that the network has decided to “end its relationship” with Kuiper.

A Nebraska woman has pleaded guilty to burning a fetus after an abortion

OMAHA, Neb. (AP) — A Nebraska woman has pleaded guilty to burning and concealing a fetus after taking medication to end a pregnancy when she was more than 20 weeks along. A criminal case is ongoing, accusing her mother of illegally assisting in an abortion. Eighteen-year-old Celeste Burgess pleaded guilty Monday as part of a deal with prosecutors that dropped two other charges. The fetus was found buried in a field north of Norfolk. The case against the woman’s mother, Jessica Burgess, 42, is based in part on Facebook messages the two women exchanged. She pleaded not guilty and is due back in court in July.

Guam is bracing for Typhoon Mawar as the storm heads toward the US territory in the Pacific Ocean

HONOLULU (AP) — Guam’s governor is urging residents to stay home and warning that the island could be hit directly by Typhoon Mawar. The storm is intensifying on its way to the US territory in the Pacific Ocean. The National Weather Service says unless Guam takes a direct hit, the typhoon will come very close. It is expected to be a Category 4 storm. It could make landfall on southern Guam at noon local time Wednesday. It could be the biggest blow to Guam in two decades. Officials say it could cause a lot of damage. Residents are preparing, emergency shelters are being opened.

Rick Hoyt, who ran the Boston Marathon with his wheelchair father, dies at 61

BOSTON (AP) — Boston Marathon runner Rick Hoyt has died at age 61. Hoyt and his father, Dick, were well-known participants in the race. Rick Hoyt was in a wheelchair due to cerebral palsy. Dick Hoyt pushed his son in a wheelchair around the track 32 times. Rick Hoyt died of respiratory complications, his family says. Dick Hoyt died two years ago. Together, they competed in more than 1,000 races, including duathlons and triathlons. In 1992, they ran and biked across the United States, covering 3,735 miles (6,010 kilometers) in 45 days. A statue of a father and son has been erected near the starting line of the Boston Marathon in Hopkinton.

Space station welcomes two visitors from Saudi Arabia, including kingdom’s first female astronaut

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) — A private flight carrying two Saudi astronauts and other visitors has arrived at the International Space Station. A SpaceX capsule lifted off to an orbiting laboratory on Monday less than 16 hours after liftoff from Florida. Saudi Arabia’s first female astronaut is among four to relocate for just over a week. The kingdom also bought a ticket for a Saudi fighter pilot. A businessman from Tennessee pays himself. And a retired NASA astronaut is their chaperone. The Houston company that organized the trip did not disclose the cost of the tickets. The four visitors will return to Earth by flying to the coast of Florida.

Steer on the run for weeks on lasso captured on freeway in Detroit area

HOLLY, Mich. (AP) — A team of racers chased and captured a wayward pit bull named Lester across several lanes of a Detroit-area freeway. State police dashcam video shows the end of a Sunday afternoon chase on northbound Interstate 75 in Holly, about 37 miles northwest of Detroit. A rider on a horse and three men on two quad bikes can be seen chasing Lester in and around the fields and woods. But the wheel races onto the freeway and is passed by several cars before the racer catches up and lassos it. Oakland County spokesman Bill Malan says Lester stayed for several weeks after escaping the ranch.

New York has a right to shelter, but will it establish a right to sleep outside?

NEW YORK (AP) — Democratic leaders in major U.S. cities are feeling politically hamstrung when it comes to addressing homelessness. Their constituents are sick and tired of seeing homeless encampments spring up in their communities. Advocates for the homeless have condemned the heavy-handed approach being taken in major cities including New York and Los Angeles. The New York City Council unanimously passed the Homeless Bill of Rights. It not only codifies the long-standing right to shelter, but also provides for the right to sleep outside. New York will become the first major U.S. city to enact the law if Adams allows the measure to become law.

Stock market today: Stocks mixed as Wall Street waits to hear from Washington

NEW YORK (AP) — Stocks rallied as Wall Street awaited the outcome of a key meeting designed to avoid a potentially catastrophic default on U.S. government debt. The S&P 500 index closed Monday. The Dow fell 0.4% and the Nasdaq rose 0.5%. Big Tech continued its strong performance throughout the year, including Meta Platforms. Even a record fine from the European Union could not slow him down. Micron Technology took a hit after China accused its products of posing a national security risk amid heightened tensions between Washington and Beijing.

Grenade found while family was sorting through relative’s belongings kills man, injures 2 children

FOUR SEASONS LAKES, Ind. (AP) — Police say an Indiana man was killed and his two teenage children were injured when a hand grenade they found in a relative’s belongings exploded. The Lake County Sheriff’s Department said a 47-year-old man was fatally wounded in an explosion at a home in the Lakes of the Four Seasons community Saturday night. A 14-year-old boy and an 18-year-old girl were taken to the hospital with shrapnel wounds. The family was going through relatives’ belongings when they found the grenade. Investigators tried to determine what caused the explosion. The police do not say why the relative did it.

Spaniards have admitted they have a problem with racism after Vinicius Jr’s new abuse

MADRID (AP) — Spanish soccer is once again embroiled in a debate over racism, and support for Vinicius Junior is surging after another incident of abuse against the Brazilian forward this weekend. Officials, players and other athletes continued to show their solidarity with Vinicius. He considered walking off the field after he was booed by fans during Real Madrid’s 1-0 loss to Valencia in La Liga. After the match, Vinicius said that the Spanish league “now belongs to racists” and that Spain “is considered a racist country”. Real Madrid have appealed to the authorities to investigate the offensive behaviour. French forward Kylian Mbappe says: “We are with you and we support you.”

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