Have you ever been in a situation where your sibling made a mess but tried to blame it on you? This video of two dogs shows just that. It captures a dog trying to blame another dog for the mess it created. What made people smile, however, was the reaction of the accused dog.

The video shows a dog blaming another dog for the mess it created. (screengrab)

The video was published on the Instagram page. The video opens to show a man picking up several pieces of paper and asking, “Who made this mess?” To which the dog standing in front of the person raises its paws, pointing at the other dog.

See how the other dog reacts:

Did the video make you laugh? Then you are not alone. People took to the comments section to share various reactions to the video.

Here’s how Instagram users reacted:

“Aw, you can see their thoughts,” the Instagram user wrote. “He is what you report,” rejoined the other. “I think Cody is innocent and his brother is just trying to frame him,” added a third. “Hahaha he got so mad at him,” wrote a fourth. Many showed their reaction by laughing out loud emoticons.


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